School Pool Problem Ends In Hair Loss

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This is an article from 2005. It was on the old version of our site, and I found it interesting so I reposted it.  It sort of proves the point that chemicals can be the cause of hair loss.  It’s not just nature’s way.

The swimming pool at Princeton High School in Sharonville is open again after elevated chlorine levels forced it to close it temporarily.

School officials say earlier this month sensors in the pool’s chlorine system failed and gave a reading indicating the pool needed more chlorine.

As a result, the system kept adding chlorine to the point where levels became too high.

“The student complaints that we were getting basically centered around hair loss, too much chlorine in the pool, and just feeling that dried out sensation that you get from the chlorine,” says Chris Gramke with the Princeton School District. “Basically what happens is that the chlorine will dry the hair and skin out, and for lack of a better term, it will break.”

The district says no other health problems were reported as a result of the high chlorine levels.

After the problem was fixed, the Sharonville Board of Health gave the school the okay to re-open the pool.

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